Fall 2020 Semester Begins August 17th Primarily Online

The Fall 2020 semester starts next Monday, August 17th with primarily online classes.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still experiencing high numbers of cases, COS has decided to continue remote learning this Fall semester. However, not all classes will be completely online. According to an email sent out by COS all lecture classes will be moved to online instruction, but “courses with lab components may be offered in hybrid format.” So, some classes will have some in person meetings.

COS provided in the email that in person meetings will require masks. A custodial update also disclosed that classrooms will “be equipped with disinfecting wipes, sanitizer/disinfectant spray, and microfiber cloths for use by students and staff.” Classrooms will also be sprayed with a “fogging” machine that contains a disinfectant solution, the process takes two minutes and classrooms can be occupied immediately after. 

The college has communicated that resources like financial aid, mental health services, hotspot access, and LRC will be available to students. Emails were also sent out to students for information on those who may need help accessing a laptop.

With the 17th around the corner, it’s time to begin looking at your COS email inbox and Canvas for updates on how your classes will be functioning. Not only to see whether they will be online or hybrid, but also if your instructors will be teaching asynchronously (not at the same time) or using meeting times. 

Good luck this semester Giants and we at the Campus look forward to keeping you updated on all the latest news.