Lee McDonald, COS Giant Family Member Passes Away

Lee McDonald was part of the COS GIANT family.  McDonald started here at the College of the Sequoias in 2001 as a Programmer Analyst and was quickly promoted to a Senior Analyst.  It was not long before he became the Applications Manager.  He was a very humble person and a well-respected man. People would seek his counsel and advice about anything from life to tech problems, especially anything related to BannerWeb.  

He also taught in the Business Division on the campus when he first arrived.  He loved the work he did with the students involved with programming and business advice with students and colleagues around the campus. He loved to share his knowledge with everyone in his classroom.

People would describe McDonald as a hard-working and humble person, “He was such a gentle soul”. He was a very understanding and helpful person around campus especially when it came to technology-related issues, He enjoyed programming the websites for all the students giving us all the resources we have online. He had an incredible work ethic and desire to get things right for the people in his community.

Lee McDonald will always be remembered as a wonderful human being to his friends and family. It meant a lot to him to be able to help people with their problems with his gift of programming and teaching to others, he will be genuinely missed.