Shows to Watch During Quarantine

Marlene Henriquez, Reporter

I’ve recommended some of my favorite movies to watch during quarantine. Now, it’s time to recommend some of my favorite shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+.


Let’s start with Netflix.


All-American (Rated TV-14) follows Daniel Ezra as Spencer James, our main protagonist, as he adjusts to life in Beverly Hills after he is recruited by a football coach (Taye Diggs) who takes him out of South Central LA. All-American is loosely based off of former NFL linebacker, Spencer Paysinger. This show is a coming of age drama with many twists and turns that also touches on the very real struggles African Americans have in this country. There are just two seasons right now with 32 episodes. Season 3 is slated to air in October of this year.


My other recommendation is Stranger Things (Rated TV-14), the cream of Netflix’s crop. This one isn’t new at all and definitely isn’t an indie show by any means. That being said, I can watch Stranger Things a million times and still be entertained. This show is so big and iconic for only being four years old, I don’t think I have to explain it and, honestly, I’m not sure if I really can. It’s just such a good Sci-Fi show that will have you on the edge of your seat or squirming behind a pillow. Newbies, be warned: it is very gory. 


Next, let’s move on to Hulu.


My first bingeable recommendation is This Is Us (Rated TV-14). I don’t want to give this masterpiece away too much for those of you who haven’t yet had the privilege to watch this show. Just know, it’s about family and how unique and complicated and stunningly beautiful they can be. From the first episode, This Is Us pulls at your heart strings. As someone who has watched this show from the beginning, I am here to let you know that this show will pull your heart out of your chest and stomp on it. I have lost count of how many times this shoe made me ugly cry, but I’d watch it again, no questions asked.


My second Hulu recommendation is Brooklyn Nine Nine (Rated TV-14). My friends would kill me if I didn’t recommend this show. Having just wrapped up its seventh season, this show is a must watch even if you’re a person who doesn’t like to get into a show when it has a lot of seasons. Once you start watching, the episodes are so entertaining that you blink and you realize you’re already on season 5. Brooklyn Nine Nine is a comedy that follows the hijinks of police detectives of the NYPD’s 99th police precinct as they adjust to their new, more stern Captain. This show stars Andy Samberg (of The Lonely Island) and even features “cold opens” from Samberg’s previous job, Saturday Night Live.


An honorable mention: The Last Dance (TV-MA) is also a great watch. This 10 episode mini series is about one of the greatest sports dynasties of all time, the 1990s Chicago Bulls and legendary Michael Jordan. (Author’s note: This one is unfortunately only available on Hulu if you have the Hulu Live add-on, but it is also available on the ESPN app so long as you add your TV provider and ESPN is in your subscription plan.)

Now let’s move on to Disney+.


My first recommendation is Prop Culture (Rated TV-G). This docuseries is the perfect show for all my fellow Disney fans. It is about some of the most iconic props from Disney films like the carpet bag from Mary Poppins and the laser from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. This one is a must watch if you love film history and love to see the behind the scenes of films.


My next recommendation is an obvious one, The Simpsons (Rated TV-PG). I have been watching The Simpsons for as long as I can remember and I’m sure you have too. Ever since I heard that The Walt Disney Company was purchasing Fox (for $71 billion, by the way), I was eager to finally see some of my favorite episodes from the earlier seasons. Again, I don’t feel I have to explain this one and why it’s binge worthy.


I hope you all watch some of my favorite shows and they bring you comfort during these weird times.