Librarians Still Providing to Students During Remote Operation

Colleges all around the country have abruptly changed to an online format due to COVID-19 which became a complicated process for everyone to transition. Especially for staff workers at the colleges, specifically Library workers, who now don’t have access to campus libraries to help students with the information they need. 

Most academic libraries have tech staff with access to plenty of digital content for students. However, some students get lost in the process, making it harder for students to get back on track. Luckily, librarians are creatively finding ways to keep in touch with students. Social media, such as Twitter threads, is one way to keep students engaged with their learning and library resources.

Rachel Cassiman, library staff at COS, explained even before the school shutdowns, librarians’ roles were expanding to support teachers with online learning platforms and to give students access to online services for any situation. Showcasing that the staff at COS are prepared for any situation that may require online services and are very reliable.

Librarians are encouraged to attend department meetings to keep their fingers on the pulse of school initiatives and curriculum. Also making themselves available for questions to help relieve some stress that the students may have about classes and registration during this time.

School leaders and librarians can provide vital support as schools make the sudden transition to online content. Their expertise more important than ever for providing professional development to teachers on digital tools as well and providing them to online resources.