COS Fashion Department Making Masks to Aid the Fight Against COVID-19

Diego Castro, Reporter

The COS fashion department has taken action to help the community by sewing masks and giving them to the people in need.

The head of the department, Tiffany Wainwright, heard there was a shortage of masks for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. She went into action recruiting anyone she could to help her on this huge task of making as much mask they could for the community. Most of the fabric for masks have been donated by Jo-Ann Fabrics, while the sewing volunteers have scrounged up other materials from their personal supplies or friends. 

This has recently been the most popular thing that has happened during the pandemic and everyone has noticed, and overtime everyone was starting to call Tiffany Wainwright for requests of masks to help other people in the country.

  Now to help her fill all the requests she’s getting, Wainwright is asking for community volunteers. She’ll provide the pattern and directions while volunteers provide the sewing machines and labor to make the masks.

An article from CNN says that most health experts agree that people should make their own masks to help give people a protective layer of fabric to stay healthy, it is much better than no protection at all. 

Because of this worldwide phenomenon people have been making makes for health care offices and non-profit organizations to help provide makes for the hard-working medical employees that are helping us during these hard times.

This opportunity allows the students of COS, and anyone who wants to help, give back to the community and do something with all the spare time that we now have.