Q&A: Brent Calvin on the Transition to Remote Operation

Question and answer with COS President and Superintendent Brent Calvin on COS Moving to Alternative Format

Alexis Perez, Reporter

Q: Moving to online classes isn’t an easy transition so how did COS make the transition so quickly?


A: “Our faculty worked from Thursday March 12, all weekend and into the next week, to transition their classes to alternate formats.  Faculty and staff worked a lot of long hours to get at least a portion of their information online.”


Q: What was the greatest challenge in moving classes online?


A: “Finding a way to get labs and other traditional face-to-face classes into an alternate format.”


Q: Recently, COS extended online classes until May, how did the task force come to that decision?


A:We took guidance from the Governor’s Office and our statewide Chancellor’s Office.  Both indicated that extending through the end of the semester was the most socially responsible thing to do for our students and our community.”


Q: How are staff handling the transition?


A: “It is a very challenging situation for everyone because not only are they trying to focus on doing their jobs well in a whole new format, but most people have families and other commitments to be concerned for as well.  But I could not be more proud of our team and the job they are doing!”


Q: To you personally, what about this transition is the most stressful?


A: “For me personally, I worry about the toll this is taking on our students and employees alike.  And I would just like to encourage them all to lean on the rest of us and stay #GiantStrong.”