COS Considering Virtual Graduation

Elijah Perez, Opinion Editor

Virtual graduation started off as an internet meme, but now it may become reality. 

The idea of a graduation ceremony via video conference was an internet joke attempting to make light of the circumstances of quarantining and social distancing. 

Now that remote operation has been extended, COS is actually considering a graduation ceremony via online conference. 

Brent Calvin, President and Superintendent at COS, stated, “We are also sending out a survey to all 659 students that signed up to participate in the graduation ceremony. We will either hold a virtual ceremony on 5/21 or postpone the face to face ceremony until summer and hold it on campus without spectators. We could possibly do both of these options. Both options would be live-streamed for family and friends.”

Depending on the survey responses, COS might hold a virtual ceremony. However, the decision is still being decided upon, Calvin saying, “We will make an announcement on graduation within two weeks.”