Star Wars: The Clone Wars Could Fail to Grasp Viewers


Diego Castro, Reporter

With the new season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars coming to Disney Plus, there is much to consider. Created by George Lucas, everyone is wondering how the new season will compare to The Mandalorian, another show on Disney Plus.

The Mandalorian, which I believe is the best Star Wars TV Series as of 2020, has lived up to the hype so far. I fear that with this new season coming, it won’t meet the hype that all the fans want from the show.

The show became an entry point into Star Wars for casual and hardcore fans who seek to explore the Star Wars universe. With its complex stories and new characters on the show, it became the most essential part to the Star Wars Trilogy. Now after years of waiting and Fans Clamoring Lucas Film to finish the show, they finally listened.

With that said, I also wondered how the 7th season will effect the prequel trilogy and the Star Wars Story. A prediction of mine is that the last season of the show will actually take place during “The Revenge Of The Sith.” But we will actually be viewing this from the perspective of Asoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan and it will have more to contribute to The Clone Wars.

What I love about Star Wars are the theories that everyone comes up with when a new Star Wars show or movie is coming out. It makes me feel so happy that everyone can come together to create this universe that we Know as Star Wars and share it with everyone who loves the franchise.

All we can hope for now is that the final season of the show will answer all of our questions that we have, and give us the most satisfying end to the show that saved the Star Wars trilogy.