Food Choices: How Healthy Are The Snacks Provided At COS?


Ayris Zamudio, Reporter

The College of the Sequoias offers a variety of snacks. The question is are they all the best options for students and staff/faculty on campus?

Although the food offered includes healthier choices like nuts, fruits, healthy granola bars, kombucha, tea, trail mix, as well as a salad bar. Sadly they still offer a lot of sugary, unhealthy snacks and drinks like various candies, energy drinks, soda, pop tarts, and other unhealthy choices.

A lot of people don’t bother to read the nutrition label on the backside of their snacks and drinks. A lot of sodas have more than 30 grams of sugar in them which is insane. Some of the Mountain Dew they offer at the stores have 73g of sugar in them.

One of the biggest problems is that unhealthy food is usually twice the amount of healthy food options. I think it is awesome that they have a salad bar though because that’s a super healthy food choice. I think they should keep expanding on the healthy side of things and start decreasing the number of unhealthy items they offer.