Looking For a Snack? Stop by the Giant Nutritional Center


Ismery Rivera

Photo Courtesy: Ismery Rivera, Food Pantry Coordinator.

Ayris Zamudio, Reporter

If you find yourself hungry during class, College of the Sequoias has you covered.

About five years ago, professors and staff realized that a lot of students were going to college hungry. This was because students were either on a budget, stressed, or they didn’t have time.

The professors and staff then started to donate food and snacks such as granola bars, fruit snacks, crackers, oatmeal, noodles, and other groceries. The Giant Nutritional Center is for students who need food security, cannot afford food, and also for the students who need a snack during the day,

The Giant Nutritional Center can be found in the health center to the right of the Moro building in Visalia. Any student is welcomed to the Giant Nutritional Center as long as they’re enrolled at COS. Students who are eligible can sign up for Cal-Fresh, TEFAP, TANF, and WIC. These vouchers can be used at Walmart, Grocery Outlet, or the COS cafeteria, for those students who need a little extra help. Fresh produce is available to all students, staff, and professors on the first Tuesday of every month. All three campuses offer these amenities to their students.

On the Visalia campus, you can find a snack station in these buildings: Sycamore 107, Kern 733, Moro 112, Sequoia 112, Sequoia 108, Sequoia 106.