Can the XFL fill the offseason void?

Julian Carrasco

The Superbowl is over and the Chiefs, one of my most hated teams in the NFL, are the champions, it really makes it hard to enjoy football. If the XFL can give that excitement to root for a team and to see good football why shouldn’t it work?

Looking through the 8 teams of the XFL, I would usually do the cliche and side with the closest to home team which is the Los Angeles Wildcats. Being a California bay area sports fan I am very bias, so its hard to root for any team or be apart of a Los Angeles fan base. Looking through the other teams from other cities such as Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, Washington D.C, Tampa Bay, Seattle, and New York and looking at the colors and logos of the jersey is the smartest way to pick a team to root for. Dont look through the roster and look for some type of stats on these guys you’ll just be wasting your time. Making the close evaluation of the colors and brand I decided to be a New York Guardians fan.

The colors are similar to the Raiders, and I feel like Guardian is a close brand to a Raider so i’m just for now on till the XFL gets cancelled like in the past, I will be rooting for the New York Guardians. Our first game of the season is this Sunday which can be exciting giving off those NFL sunday vibes. If we win the first game I will be purchasing a jersey and be all in on the season, will update next week.