Stressed From School, Check this out!!


Ayris Zamudio , Reporter

Over 5,00 years ago, yoga began in India and was introduced to America sometime in the 1800s. Yoga is great for physical, and mental health as well as being a spiritual practice for many. It is for both men and women which many do not know.

Yoga helps increase flexibility which helps mobility, posture, muscle coordination, and it reduces the risk of many injuries. The reason so many athletes get injured is because they lack flexibility. Stretching helps increase muscle because it lengthens the muscle tissue.

More benefits to yoga are it helps with back pain, tight legs, pinched nerves, neck pain, core strength, migraines, heart problems, period cramps, anxiety, digestion, metabolism, diabetes, insomnia, and anger.

Many athletes practice yoga because it protects them from injuries, and it improves their performance. Yoga is actually one of the top ways to workout your entire body. You can practice yoga at home, the park, or you can go to one of your local yoga studios. College of the Sequoias also offers yoga classes!

Some of Visalia’s Yoga Studios are:

Valley Yoga, The Space Yoga Studio, Oak Street Studio, Proud foot Therapies, and Ziaya’s. These are just a few of our yoga studios here in the Valley. College students can really benefit from yoga due to the severe stress, anxiety, and depression you may be dealing with on our journey of life. This is a space where you can be relaxed and at peace while also getting your daily exercise in a quiet peaceful place.