Giants Basketball Wins 4th in a Row, Defeating Porterville

Jordan Harris, Reporter

Most teams when they first start in a basketball game tend to take it slow and try to get a feel of both the game and the crowd. Not the Giants they came out red hot starting the game off on a 13-2 run which resulted in the Pirates calling a timeout and recuperating.

Even though the Giants started hot the rest of the first half did not go well for them. The Giants were trailing 34-30 at halftime.

Most teams would have folded down at halftime in a very hostile environment but COS responded like a true championship team. Thanks once again to Amil Fields who had three threes in a row to really extend their lead in the second half.

Also team captain Savion Johnson had all of his 12 points in the second half and Milton Burnett had a team high 17 points along with Amil Fields who also had 17 points.

This game was exciting for one half as the Giants outscored the Pirates 48-29. They responded like true champions. Not only did they outscore them they also outrebounded them 48-32 and shot nearly 50 percent from the 3 point line. If they continue to shoot like this from the 3 point line, it’s over.

They so much more physical than most teams but their biggest weakness is their shooting. They shot 33 percent from the 3 point line, 43 percent from the line and 66 percent from the free throw line. If they can fix that and their turnovers the Giants can be scary.