2020 NBA All-Star Jerseys: Back to Tradition

Demetrios Turk, Staff Reporter

A step forward at last. The 2020 NBA All-Star jerseys have been revealed ahead of this year’s All-Star festivities in Chicago later this month. The uniforms this year are going back to the red versus blue color scheme that was being used in the early 2010’s. The last few years for Charlotte and Los Angeles have been a dull Black and White, and Black and Gray for 2017 in New Orleans. That being said, the pop of color that has been added for this year is very welcome.

These are the jerseys that will be worn during the main event, the All-Star game, that will be played Sunday, February 16th.


The jersey’s represent the six-pointed star that is seen on the Chicago flag, and the Bulls alternate uniform from the 90’s. The uniforms are also based off the six lines of the Chicago train system, these two being the blue and red.


I like these jerseys the most; something about the jumpman makes me very intrigued. The red and blue takes me back to my childhood, which also gives this uniform style points. The pinstripes that incorporate the stars of the Chi-flag make these pop the very most.

The uniforms for the Rising Stars game honor the Orange and Purple lines.

These are just average to me, I wish they were in the same style instead of one stacked and one vertical, plus there is less detail on this jersey than the actual jersey.


Orange and Purple already aren’t my favorite colors, so to me this is an eye sore.

These uniforms honor the other four lines, the yellow and brown for the Special Olympics Unified game, and the pink and green for the Celebrity game.


My favorite of the bunch is the pink uniform, but they are solid in what they represent.


The uniforms this year are very Chicago-centric and I am very with that. There are so many amazing cities and the fact that Chicago is being highlighted gives me hope that more cities will get the same spotlight. Cities like New Orleans, Miami, Toronto, and Atlanta deserve to have the great part of their cities highlighted in the same way that Chicago is this year. I hope this becomes the new standard for All-Star Weekend for the Nike and Jordan brands going forward.