Late-Inning Rally Puts Giants Over Mariners


Jordyn Williams

COS Freshmen, Elijah Munoz preparing to bat against the Mariners.

4 hits and an error scored COS two runs at the bottom of the 8th inning to put the COS Giants over the Marin Mariners in the first of their three-game series, 5-4.

The rally came from the bats of outfielder Dante Valdez who doubled to center field, outfielder Maverick Souza who blooped to center field, catcher David Beaver who hit a single and drove in Valdez, and infielder Isaac Gonzalez who singled and drove in a run of his own.

Three of the four batters in the rally had at least two hits during the game: Valdez (2), Souza (2), and Beavers (3). Beavers also walked once, reaching base every time he was up-to-bat. The Giants had a total of 15 baserunners on the day, nearly doubling the Mariners 8 baserunners, which gave the Giants more scoring opportunities that caught up to the Mariners late in the game.

The Giants’ bullpen was critical to the team staying in it late, with Reed Passmore pitching 2 innings without giving up any hits or walks, and only one unearned run. Passmore picked up the win for the day. JT Friesen closed in the 9th and was able to prevent the Marlins from attempting a comeback, allowing no baserunners and picking up his second save on the year.

Starter Benjamin Pederson pitched 5 innings and was able to get out of tough situations including the top of the 4th inning, in which Beavers tagged out Mariners’ infielder Joseph Bogdan at home plate, preventing the lead from extending any further. Pederson’s line included 2 earned runs, 5 earned baserunners, and 7 strikeouts.

Giants Baseball picks right back up Friday at home at 2:00 P.M. and Saturday at 12:00 P.M., both against the Marin Mariners as they look to finish the three-game series strong and undefeated.