Girl’s Basketball Falls Once Again to Conference Rival

The recently struggling Giants lose their third straight conference game Saturday night in a close 68-63 loss to crosstown rival, the Reedley Tigers. There were two reasons why the Giants lost this game.

First was the fact that the Tigers shot 28 free throws and made 23 of them. COS, on the other hand, only shot 7 free throws and made 5 of them. This tells you that Reedley was the more aggressive team and it doesn’t matter what sport you play more often than not the aggressor will come out on top.

Not only do free throws get you in that attack mode, they also allows you to get into rhythm especially when your shots aren’t falling. Which is exactly what Reedley needed as they shot 23 percent from the 3 point line and 29 percent from the field. So when your struggling as bad as the tigers were, free throws are the way to get easy points because it’s the only legal non-contested shot in basketball.

The second reason the Giants fell to the Tigers was because of the sensational performance by sophomore PG Aurelie Bevao. Bevao had a team high 39 points to go along with 2 steals, 2 blocks and 6 boards. She made 14 out of 14 from the free throw line, made 7 threes, was the only player on Reedley to make a three pointer and was one of two players to score in double figures.

As poorly as both teams played, Reedley had the best player on the court and when it comes to basketball that’s all you need that player or two that can change the game drastically.