Why I Crochet

Why I Crochet

Daniel R Pauls, Managing Editor

People don’t think much about crocheting. Those who do assume that only elders or moms are into it. And yet, after crocheting for several years now, I still find that crocheting is one of my favorite hobbies.

Crocheting and knitting are similar but in knitting, one has to handle two needles. Crocheting only requires one needle, and can have more ease to work your project.

I started to crochet when I was in High School. I wanted to make my personalized scarf because I’m the kind of person that is more interested in doing a project instead of simply buying an item.

Since then I have found that crocheting is truly a relaxing and time passing hobby to have, and sometimes do it as my end-of-the-day activities to unwind. up to now, I have made scarves, coasters, and even a hat. Now I am in the process of making a full-sized sweater which I plan to complete by the end of October.

Crocheting takes more yarn than knitting. That’s why I decided to go with crocheting instead of knitting because I have heard and seen that it is faster and easier to learn than knitting. Once I learned how to do one stitch I just let the project take itself away and kept going till I got it just the way I want it.

For anyone interested in crocheting, there are plenty of supplies in an art store or Walmart to get you started. It is best to know what project you want to achieve and the stitch count that the project requires.