LA Rams: Never Break the Bank on a Running Back


Jordan Harris, Sports Editor

We’re 10 games into the NFL regular season and there has been a lot of takeaways so far. One of the biggest takeaways has been that you should not break the bank on a singular running back.

It’s clear just by looking on the rushing leaders this season in Christian McCaffery and Dalvin Cook. McCaffery who is now looked as the best running back in the league is only making 4.3 million a year and Cook is only making 1.5 million. Not only are they putting up absurd numbers, their leading their team to wins, especially Cook as his team sits at 8-3, but now for McCaffery and his team used to be 5-3 but have suffered several injuries to key players and are without their starting QB so you can’t really blame him.

Compare Cook and McCaffery to the top paid running backs in the league. For example, Todd gurley makes 14.4 million a year and his sixteenth in the league in rushing and his only averaging 58 yards per game. That’s just a fluke? Look at a running back who many considered to be the best in the game just last year in Ezekial Elliot. Zeke makes 15 million a year and his eighth in the league in rushing and only averaging 83 yards per game. Zeke’s team is totally dependent on him even with the rise of the Cowboys young QB Dak Prescott.

However, even though the Rams still have a winning record at 6-4 they’re third in their division and have a high chance of missing the playoffs. At this time last year they were 9-1 and the best team in the NFC.

If you look at the best teams in the league like the ravens,the Niners and Patriots none of them have broken the bank on a running back. They all have 4 things in common which is a great offensive line, a great defense, a good quarterback and great head coach. Which is all you need to be great in this league.

The saying is the more rare something is the more you got to pay for it. It’s rare to find a great QB or great offensive linemen even with a pass rusher It really baffles me when teams give a running back, wide receiver or any position on defense besides a pass rusher so much money.

There are so many great running backs, wide receivers, linebackers etc out there. I’m not breaking a bank unless he’s a once in a generational type player. Running an NFL team is like running a business you want to get the best production for the lowest value you want low risk and high reward.

So at the end of the day please all NFL general managers just follow the patriots method and you will keep your job and win more.