The Game Changers: Changing the Game of a Meat Consuming World


Bobby Garcia

“The Game Changers” is streaming on Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon now.

Ayris Zamudio, Reporter

“The Game Changers” is a documentary on the benefits of a meatless diet and the amazing people who live outstanding lives without meat.

The documentary gives a lot of factual evidence on the benefits of not eating meat and the side effects that come with eating meat. They also use logical history facts like the Roman Gladiators that did not consume meat because it made them stronger and the bones were actually thicker and healed quickly from injuries.

It also showed a lot of the strongest people in the world that were vegan and did not consume and meat from protein and they used this to prove that the common comment that you have to eat meat to get protein is wrong. The strongest men and women all did not eat meat simply because meat drags you down, and when they were eating meat they had more energy and were able to do more without getting tired.

They also showed NFL football players who did not eat meat and did tests on them with their diets. They tested their blood when they were eating meat and then when they did not eat meat and the tests were crazy. Their blood was super cloudy and when they were tested after given a plant based diet, their blood was clear.

The documentary truly opens the eyes of everyone who takes the time to watch it. I encourage everyone to watch it even if you would never consider going plant based.

“The Game Changers” is streaming on Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon now.