It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Fall

Christa Altamirano

Christa Altamirano, Reporter

As the weather starts to cool down, sometimes, we’re starting to see the colors of the fall season on campus. I walked onto campus the other day and noticed a beautiful yellow giant that towered in my path. I couldn’t help but capture this sight. As I set down my camera, I looked up to lay my eyes upon this giant once more then, in surprise, saw that I was the only one to appreciate this creature.

With their heads down in mobile devices, bodies racing across the pavement to whatever destination awaits them people were unable to acknowledge the stare of an anxious beauty waiting for their eyes to meet. In disappointment, I moved on to discover yet another, and another, and another untouched creature. Some a faded almost brownish red, while others shyly shedding the green of summer to reveal orange and yellow tips; just a tease of what their full beauty will look like in a couple of weeks.

And yet I wonder, will they still continue to go unnoticed? Or once their beauty is fully developed will the eyes of the students finally appreciate these beautiful giants.

This upsets me. Why only when it is fully shown that people will just begin to notice. Why not appreciate the process? Why is the shedding of the old not as beautiful as the new? Why is it when the process is done that I take notice of the beauty

These are just some of the questions I have for these random strangers as we crossed paths that were totally different yet the same. The little things about the beginning of Fall are beautiful and we need to appreciate them while they’re here. Once the process is done and all the leaves have fallen we won’t be able to see them again for a whole year after all.