The Sports World is Destined for a Patriots vs 49ers Super Bowl


Jordan Harris, Sports Editor

No one in their wildest dreams would have predicted that the San Francisco 49ers would be one of the best teams this season at 8-1, the other being the Patriots with the same record. Even with this hot start, most of the American public outside of San Francisco aren’t sold.

While I don’t blame them, here are some reasons why they should be.

Overall, they have a terrific young head coach in Kyle Shanahan who made Matt Ryan look like the best QB in the league. He’s finally getting to put his system into the offensive and the results speak for themselves. They ranked fourth in total offense and second in rushing yards per game compared to when he first got there and they were ranked dead last in both categories.

Their defense is amazing, especially their defensive line with two edge rushers that can get at the QB at any time in Dee Ford and rookie sensation Nick Bosa. To go along with that, they have two interior guys that can get to the QB almost seamlessly in Deforest Buckner and Solomon Thomas. The Niners are second in yards allowed, points allowed, rushing yards allowed and sacks which is the money maker in this league. Teams win Super bowls because of their ability to get to the QB by just rushing four guys.

Third and final point is they’re absolutely dominating run game. The Niners have two of the top 12 running backs in the game and have two rookies who aren’t that bad either. They have the second ranked rushing attack and the best rushing attack at home by a long shot. Which opens up everything in the passing game. In the past five seasons every team who has won the Super Bowl has been top 5 in the league in rushing yards per game. I think it’s safe to say the Niners are built for the playoffs.

Now, why are we destined for a Patriots vs Niners super bowl?

Well, it would be the passing of the torch. Great young coach, defense and quarterback sound familiar. Yes it’s exactly what the New England Patriots were 20 years ago when Tom Brady took the reigns as the starting quarterback.

If the Niners can just keep their heads straight and not get too cocky, not only will they meet and beat the Patriots in the super bowl, they will kill them. They have all the tools to embarrass Tom Brady and make New England want to get rid of him.

A great run game that will allow them to keep the ball away from Brady and an absolutely amazing D line that would make even the great TOM BRADY feel uncomfortable. Especially since he’s getting older and this is the worst we have seen Brady look in his career.

If the Niners can beat the patriots in the super bowl, mark my words they will be the next great dynasty.