Holidays R Us Bring The Spirit of Christmas Early To COS

The Christmas spirit has once again hit early this year with new ways to save.

Leticia Siegel and Sheli Giles were excited for huge turnout at Holidays R Us event they helped organize.

Gustavo Romo

Leticia Siegel and Sheli Giles were excited for huge turnout at Holidays R Us event they helped organize.

Gustavo Romo, Reporter

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“Holidays R Us” kicked off the holiday season with a chance for COS employees and students to get together in the holiday spirit. The Sequoia Building was transformed into a place where people can enjoy some comfortable Christmas shopping and walk around the warm Christmas atmosphere.

From baked treats all the way to stained glass windows, “Holidays R Us” helped bring the holiday spirit to COS.

Gustavo Romo
COS employees and students getting into the Christmas spirit by getting Christmas gifts for the holidays

“It’s a real cozy place to celebrate the holidays and for students to come in and check out all the things on sale” says Leticia Seigel one of the folks in charge of the event.

Holidays R Us has been going on for about 25 years. Each year the amount of people and shops were pretty average. However, this year was reported to have been the best year that they’ve ever had.

Sheli Giles has been involved and around for over 25 years that “Holidays R Us” has been around.

“This is the most packed we’ve ever seen the place” Sheli said “This year has definitely felt more alive and busy than the others.”

With people walking around, chatting, having a great time with many vendors from around the area selling Christmas gifts that are perfect for the holidays.

Hilario Lugo was one of the vendors selling stained glass art.

“I didn’t expect it to be this packed, you know, with this much traffic going through”. Lugo said “Holidays R Us excellently brings the holiday spirit to lives of the people at COS.”

Holidays R Us will return to the COS Visalia Campus next year. Those who missed out on this year’s event will have plenty of other times and locations to save before the holidays roll around.

Gustavo Romo
Russell Stanger’s wooden cars, trains, and other carvings were on sale at the event. “
It’s just something I really like to do” says Stanger. “It gives me something to do every time my wife kicks me out into the garage”.