(SPOILERS) El Camino: A Beautiful and New Take on an Old Favorite

Back in 2013, Breaking Bad came to a conclusion and one of television's most iconic characters Walter/Heisenberg White was given a perfect sendoff during the season finale. But what about his sidekick, Jesse Pinkman?


Bobby Garcia

El Camino is on Netflix now.

Jose Cabrera, Reporter

Jesse Pinkman gets his swan song in the newly released El Camino movie that is exclusively on Netflix. While many had feared brining back the classic show, El Camino proved itself to not be like other cash ins.

In the start of El Camino, we see Jesse with Mike smoking a cigarette. They are talking about what they will do with all they money they have. Mike goes on to tell Jesse if he had all they money he has at his age he would move to Alaska, the last frontier. This scene takes place in the Breaking Bad universe in the 5th and final season.

Cutting to the present time, we see Jesse hiding from the cops and going to two very familiar faces, Skinny Pete and Badger. Skinny and Badger end up helping their long time friend and swap cars with him so the police wouldn’t be able to locate him.

Throughout the movie we see many flashbacks to the Breaking Bad era and the tie ins are beautifully done. More of Jesse’s story is told,such as what he had to endure as a prisoner for the Nazi gang and even before that time.

Once Jesse leaves, he goes to an apartment where in a previous flashback showed that belonged to Todd, the Nazi member that killed Jesse’s girlfriend in Breaking Bad. In the flashback it shows how Todd killed his house cleaner because she had found his huge stash of money hidden away. Now he needed Jesse’s help to dispose of her body.

Jesse tears up the entire apartment searching for Todds money that he stored away. Right when Jesse was about to call it quits he finds that stash of money hidden in the refrigerator. That’s when his luck runs out and two cops come inside the apartment looking for evidence. One of the cops turned out to be a Nazi that helped the group incarcerate Jesse. At the end Jesse has to come to an agreement of splitting the money with them to get away.

At the closing of El Camino, Jesse looks over to his passenger seat as he is driving away and flashes back to a time where Jane, a familiar face, is seen next to him. This scene is clearly taking place in the first 5 seasons of Breaking Bad. As they are driving Jesse tells her “ I was thinking about that thing you said about the universe. Going where the universe takes you, right on, I think its a cool philosophy.” To which Jane replies “I was being metaphorical. It’s a terrible philosophy. I’ve gone where the universe takes me my whole life. It’s better to make those decisions for yourself.” With the scene ending, we see Jesse driving away in the wilderness of Alaska finally having gotten away from all the pain and suffering. Jesse looks hopeful and even gives a little smile a little glimpse of hope.

Throughout El Camino, we see the evolution of Jesse, and the pain he has endured. His internal conflict is noticeable through the whole series and throughout the movie. At the end, Jesse comes to grips with who he has become. At the end, he gets his escape, his last frontier moving away to Alaska. With a beautiful premonition at the start of the movie when Jesse was talking to Mike staring at a lake, Mike tells Jesse

“If I were your age starting fresh, Alaska. It’s the last frontier, up there you can be anything you want.”

The only problem I had with El Camino, was that even though it did great in bringing back old characters in the Breaking Bad Universe I wish they had given Skinny Pete and Badger more time. These two guys were Jesse’s best-friends throughout the show and help Jesse through thick and thin. Even to the point where Skinny Pete and Badger give Jesse their car so he can run away. Jesse ask Skinny Pete why he is doing all this and skinny Pete replied with “Dude you’re my hero and shit.”

This is the story of Jesse and the road to his redemption and him accepting who he is. In most shows that get brought back, they usually don’t live up to the hype or fall short of the original. El Camino is very different, everything seems to flow beautifully. Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show, came back to give Jesse his story and the camino he had to take to get there.