Stop Buying Animal’s Fur and Skin

Most people assume animal fur products are a thing of the past, unfortunately they are not.


“Your life is as good as your mindset”

Ayris Zamudio, Reporter

For centuries, the big thing has always been furry animal jackets made from multiple animals. Ranging from fox, rabbit, mink, raccoon, muskrat, beaver, stoat, otter, sable, earless seal, cat, dog, coyote, wolf, chinchilla, goose, and common brushtail possum, these animals all pay the price when it comes to their fur.

Not only is their fur taken to make these products, but sometimes they take the animal’s actual skin in order to make leather. This leather goes to couches, jackets, boots, etc. Imagine how many of these animals one would have to kill in order to get one jacket. These animals are treated brutally for their skin and fur. They get no humane treatment when they are killed and stripped of their lives.

These animals are trapped and left stuck in steel leg clamps, head-crushing traps, body-gripping, and neck snares. The animals are then left for days to weeks to starve and suffer. Some animals get so desperate that they actually start to chew their own limbs off just so they can try and escape from these hunters. If sitting in the trap for weeks does not kill them then the hunters will come and shoot, or beat them brutally to death.

The animals are then taken to be skinned and the rest of their body is thrown away with no purpose. So, they just take what they need off of the animals and waste the poor animal’s life and body without giving the rest of the body a purpose.

They’re wasting innocent lives for clothing that some people just have to have. These animals have souls and deserve the life they were given.

Animals are not boots, coats, blankets, or any other garments. Everyone should stop promoting this horrible act and stop it all. At least switch over to faux fur because it is cheaper for you and it doesn’t harm any animals in the act.

Overall, just have some humanity and really think about where your items come from.