Cheerleaders Exist!? A Look into the COS Cheerleading Team


Claire Cattaneo is held up in the air by bases Savannah Weirick, Mirian Campos, and backspot Bailey Cooper as they cheered on the Giants in Modesto. Image provided by Cheer Coach Tiffany Ruiz.

Liz Vasquez

They practice three hours a day and have been in here since the school opened. They are the COS Giants Cheerleaders. Made up of 13 girls and one boy, the COS Giants team is a force to be reckoned with.

They spend most of their time training and conditioning to cheer on our sports teams, but most students are unaware that there are even cheerleaders on campus.

Although cheer is considered a club on campus, they are treated as a sport by the COS Athletic Department.

Aside from cheering on sports teams, The COS Cheer Team has a hectic schedule all on their own. COS Cheer takes the time to put on Youth Cheer Clinics multiple times throughout the season for boys and girls ages 4 to 13. During these clinics, they take the time to teach cheers, stunts, and a routines to Little Giants that will perform at a football/basketball game.

COS Cheer are also training for a competition in Anaheim that takes place in February. With demanding practices comes responsibility, and of course plenty of time management.

“Cheer is important because of team building and it allows for me to be involved with school.” Cheer Captain Regina Landon said, “Being a part of a team makes the time consuming part more enjoyable.”

Despite most students not knowing about cheer, the Cheer Team does get a good amount of people for tryouts. Coach Ruiz looks for coachable athletes and tries to get students from all different levels. “Although cuts are made, if you are willing to put in the work and time commitment, there is a chance for you.” Coach Ruiz said “I believe that these guys are athletes. They work really hard.”

The COS Giants Cheerleaders will be cheering the Football Team at the Homecoming game on Oct. 26. Students who would like to learn more or try out next semester can check out their instagram @COSCHEERLEADING or email head coach Tiffany Ruiz at [email protected]