Getting Smart With Your Smartphone

Apps to help you finish your semester with a passing grade and an easy life.


Skyler Singsouvanny

Aubrey Ramirez, 27, at The Grind.

Jose Cabrera, Reporter

When looking around at a college campus, most of what’s found is students lost in their phones. But it’s not always for goofing off.

Smartphones now have the capabilities to help achieve that letter grade students strive for. Both Team Apple and Team Android have their respected app stores and for the majority of the content both are equally matched. Some of the most popular apps are applications that only distract. However many are useful for students and professors.

These apps are free in the the app stores and great for any student to use.


CamScanner allows for students to take pictures of documents and then turn them into PDF files.

This app is very useful for keeping handwritten notes in electronic form and in the palm of your hands.


Quilt, a flashcard app where you are able to create your own flashcard set or access millions of other sets created by other students.

A flashcard app where you are able to create your own flashcard set or access millions of other sets created by other students.

This app is the ultimate study app with all the different modes of studying you can do. Many different subjects ranging from political science, foreign language, science, math etc.

PDF Element allows for student to manipulate a PDF form to their liking.


PDFs are always a pain to work with. With this application you are able to edit any PDF or even convert into another file format.

Google Docs

Google Docs allows users to create, edit, and work together on the go all in real time.

Docs gives students the ability to share documents with your group, the group is able to add, edit, and comment on your document in real time, making working together even easier.


Smart calendar app.

The life of a student can be a hectic one. With an app like Timepage, students are able to organize their schedules easier and syncs automatically to your laptop calendar.


Spotify, Music App

These apps are great to listen to any kind if music at an instant. Music, soothing sounds, motivational speakers, and podcasts.

The life of a college student can be difficult and stressful enough. What many don’t realize is that at the palm of their hands they have a phone that needs to be utilized the smart way. Using these apps can help students lead a happier, smarter, life.