IT Chapter 2: A Good (But Long) Scare

27 years later and the members of the Losers Club worst nightmare has come back.


Skyler Singsouvanny

It Chapter 2 is still playing in theaters if you can't watch it alone.

Megan Warner, Reporter

IT Chapter 2 is the conclusion to the 2017 hit film IT. It follows the Losers Club as they face off against the evil Pennywise in the Maine town of Derry. Only this time the gang have all grown up and are ready for a fight.

27 years after the first movie the members of the Losers Club are off on their own adventures except for Mike who has stayed back in Derry. When each of the characters receive a call from Mike telling them to come back, they all know something is wrong. Living very different lives from one another, some are stronger than others but each has struggled to put the past behind them.

This film continuously flashes back to the past and present throughout the entire time, if you have not seen the first one catching onto some of the meanings may be difficult. Scenes with the younger cast are undoubtedly the best and always leaves you wanting more.

Meanwhile the scenes with Pennywise are definitely the most troubling especially with a child involved. No doubt every scene is sure to cause a shiver down your spine.

Coming back together to take down Pennywise was something most of the characters were hesitant on but soon come to realize they have to stick together so no one else is killed.

However, because it was a 3 hour movie it was quite exhausting and overrun when some parts could have been kept out all together. This movie definitely pulls at your heartstrings and you end up wishing things could have ended differently.

Overall this film was definitely one you should consider watching. Because of all of its elements it satisfies every genre and should definitely entertain someone who likes horror films. This is definitely worth the watch as long as you don’t mind sitting through three hours for a conclusion to the story.