IT Chapter 2: Scarier the 2nd Time


Skyler Singsouvanny

It Chapter 2 is still playing in theaters if you can’t watch it alone. Skyler Singsouvanny

Ayris Zamudio, Reporter

IT was released in early September of the year 2017, it was an R rated film based on the original film that was made in the 1990’s. The first film takes place in 1989 in a town called Derry. A group of bullied kids become friends known as the Losers and destroy a shape-shifting monster that lives under sewers.

The sequel storyline shows the kids all grown up 27 years later coming back together in Derry in the hopes to destroy the monster for good.

This film was ten times scarier than the first one. Anyone interested should definitely go see it with their girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friend just so they can cover their eyes behind them.

One should watch the first movie over again before seeing the second one because it helps the viewer to understand which character is which. It’s really confusing unless you have a really good memory.

Some more helpful advice is to consider watching it over the weekend in case if the viewer shouldn’t be able to sleep at all that night. It’s a perfect way to get into the spooky spirit!!

Overall, the story line was well written and it keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time. If you enjoyed the first IT , you will most likely love the sequel. This movie series did not disappoint and deserves a rating of 8/10.