Endgame: 11 Years of Build Up, 1 Fantastic End [Spoilers]


A storyline that lasted almost 11 years has finally reached its end, and it was beautiful. Watching it three times may seem excessive, but worth every penny. The first time was for pure enjoyment, the second was for full analysis, and the third was to have a complete view on the whole movie.

With so much going on throughout the whole movie it was chaotic, but in the best way. Storylines tied up together beautifully and the flow was graceful. This movie managed to hit every feeling imaginable in the span of three hours.

There was comedy, relief, anticipation, adrenaline, stress, joy, sadness, and tension throughout the audience that made this movie a true joyride to be a part of, all three times.

One of the best scenes in the movie was the big battle against Thanos. Not only did they reintroduce this character, but they did it with a complete personality change. In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos was understandable, to an extent, and could see what he was trying to do. In Endgame,  he became a brute that showed no mercy to life and did not have the same agenda as the previous movie. Having Endgame Thanos resemble his comic book counterpart more than Infinity War Thanos did, was very creative and interesting. Which made the movie and storyline more complex.

Continuing with the battle scene, it was massive and glorious. Giving fan service as well as a big battle anticipation, it may have lasted only 30 minutes but it felt like an hour long. Reintroducing the characters that got snapped was comical, grand, and extremely heartwarming.

Even Captain Marvel’s introduction to the battle wasn’t what everyone thought it was going to be either. Instead of her coming in and winning the battle for everyone, she was wonderfully put in at the right moment. Another moment that was amazing was the women power image Marvel created. To back Captain Marvel up in fighting Thanos’ army, all the super women that were in the final battle showed up right beside her and made it a big women power moment that had many cheering in the theater.

The sacrifice that Tony Stark made at the end was heartbreaking. His death was heartbreaking, but needed to happen. It was a great way to end his storyline and put him in the super hero hall of fame forever, bittersweet till the very end.

The ending was a great conclusion to this 22 movie saga. It managed to be ambitious with its use of time travel considering it is hard to do in an “accurate” way.

Marvel attempted it in a great way and made the science somewhat makes sense, but they managed to follow, and be consistent with, their own rules. Those rules being; if you go back into the past it won’t change the current reality and will instead create a new timeline.

When Captain America had to go back in time to put the Infinity Stones back in their respective timelines, he stayed behind and lived the life that Tony Stark told him he should live. Which means he went to live in a separate timeline with his first love Peggy Carter, creating a perfect ending to his story and conclusion to the Infinity Saga.