Endgame: How could it ever live up to the hype? [Spoiler-Free]


Fantastic actors, rich origin-stories, and directors with an affinity for dramatic flair left this movie-goer with a less than Marvelous experience.

“Avengers: Endgame” starts off strong in the first scene when you get to watch a person lose their family at the moment of the Snappening, which set a very dark tone for the rest of the movie. The conflict built slowly, with all the characters having gone their separate ways during a time jump, to now coming together again with a newfound hope.

The notorious Russo brothers, who directed Avengers: Infinity War, tried to cut the sad mood with comedic moments. The problem was with the lack of sadness going around in a movie where half the population of the universe spontaneously died.  

The main objective of the team seems to be overshadowed by the throwbacks and jokes. This wouldn’t be a problem if the audience was allowed to feel the impact of their losses and struggles, but that wasn’t the case.  Each character/hero has their own reasons to fight other than just getting everyone back, mainly for personal revenge because they all personally lost against Thanos, Some in one-on-one combat at the end of Infinity War.  

Over all the movie was alright, the story was somewhat predictable, but it was fun enough for entertainment purposes. Its predecessor made a much bigger impact on the viewer in terms of emotional response until the very end of the movie. The final battle sequence lasted about 20 minutes which was the best potion of the entire movie. This would have been great, but it caused more of an emotional rollercoaster than the other 2 and a half hours of the film.

Other than the Deus-Ex-Machina at the end of the final Battle, it was an alright movie. I would give it a C+ rating compared too the other Marvel films in terms of story, but it did have the best battle sequence in the entire franchise.