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Spring 2022 Staff


Shailin Kennedy

Shailin Kennedy is the adviser to The Campus student newspaper and is a full-time Communication Faculty member at COS. Before joining COS, she also taught at Reedley College and Porterville Community College. She is a Fres...

Photo of Natalia
Editor in Chief

Natalia Mendoza

Natalia is the Editor in Chief of The Campus Newspaper. This her second semester working with The Campus. She hopes to work in Broadcast News after graduating from a UC. ...

Photo of Joscelin
Managing Editor

Joscelin Huerta

Joscelin Huerta is the managing editor for The Campus Newspaper, majoring in journalism. This is her third semester at COS and she plans to transfer soon. Joscelin has been writing and interviewing at a young age and enjoys bei...

Photo of Spencer
Sports Editor

Spencer Beair

Spencer Beair is the Sports Editor at The Campus Newspaper. He covers all kinds of sports at the College of the Sequoias, and is currently in his second semester. His favorite sport to watch is baseball, but he really just loves watc...

Photo of Ashley
Multimedia Editor

Ashley Cortez

Ashley Cortez is a sophomore at the College of the Sequoias who began writing for The Campus in Fall 2021. She is currently pursuing an Associates of Arts degree in Journalism with plans to attend Fresno State next Spring. In...

Photo of Andrew Alcorn, the Social Media Editor
Social Media Editor

Andrew Alcorn

Andrew Alcorn is the Social Media Editor for The Campus Newspaper. He is a Journalism major currently in the process of receiving his skills certificate in Media Communications. After graduation, he plans to gain experience managing social media a...

Photo Editor

Erika Gutierrez

Erika Gutierrez is in her second year of college at the College of the Sequoias, where she majors in Journalism. She is the Photo Editor for the Spring 2022 term. She plans to transfer to Fresno State after graduation. ...

Photo of Jackie
Copy Editor

Jackie Schuster

Jackie Schuster is currently a freshman majoring in journalism at College of the Sequoias. This is her first semester writing for The Campus. Outside of school, she works as an assistant film producer with a local filmmaking company....

Photo of Daria
Copy Editor

Daria Smith

Daria Smith is the opinion editor and staff editor this semester. She is majoring in Journalism and this is her second semester working for The Campus Newspaper. She loves reading books, hiking in the mountains, and getting lost...

Rodolfo Martinez
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Rodolfo Martinez

Rodolfo Martinez is in his first year at the College of the Sequoias. He plans to transfer into Fresno State to major in Mass Communications with plans to work in television. In his free time, he likes to produce music and watch...

Karina Magana
Staff Reporter

Karina Magana

Karina Magana is a Staff Reporter at College of the Sequoias' the Campus Newspaper. She writes about veganism, local cultural issues, recipes, and entertainment. ...

Riley Riddington
Staff Reporter

Riley Riddington

Riley Riddington is a sophomore at the College of the Sequoias, majoring in Political Science. He plans to get his Associates degree, transfer to UC Santa Barbara to get his Bachelors, and go to law school to become a lawyer...

Staff Reporter

Austin Gonzalez

Austin Gonzalez is a COS student pursuing Journalism. He spends most of his time working for The Campus by editing videos and other recorded segments. He works mostly behind the scenes where the magic of journalism is put-together. ...

Photo of Kally
Staff Reporter

Kally Hou

Kally Hou is a staff reporter for The Campus student newspaper. She is currently pursuing an associates degree in Journalism here at COS, but she plans on majoring in Television Production at a CSU located in Los Angeles later ...