5 NFL Teams Get Their Franchise Quarterbacks From 2021 NFL Draft



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The NFL draft is an excellent opportunity for struggling teams to draft college players to come in to change the team’s fortunes for a brighter future. A record-tying 5 quarterbacks were chosen within the first 15 picks of the 1st round of the NFL draft.

Pick 1: Jacksonville Jaguars-Trevor Lawrence (Clemson)
The Jags had the 1st pick in this year’s draft after a pitiful 1-15 showing last year with not too many bright spots. This team has been getting after almost making the Super bowl back in 2018. But the Jag’s main problem for over a decade was the inability to find a franchise QB. And they pick Trevor Lawrence who is arguably the most exciting QB prospect of all time. This man is a prototype of a QB standing 6’6 tall and weighing 220 lbs. His canon for an arm and calm presence in the pocket has all the scouts touting him as a for sure suitable quarterback for the NFL. He has yet to lose a regular-season game in 7 years as a QB and only 5 losses in total only coming in playoffs and championships. His winning mentality is going to be challenged with this young Jags roster, but teammate Travis Etienne joining him at RB along with breakout rookie James Robinson, don’t doubt the Jags having perennial success in the future.

Pick 2: New York Jets-Zach Wilson (BYU)
The Jets are another franchise constantly near the bottom of the pack as in recent years, and this is largely correlated with a lack of franchise QB. The Jets thought they had the answer when they drafted USC QB Sam Darnold with the 3rd overall pick in the 2018 draft. But disappointing performances from him and the whole team led them to trade him to the Carolina Panthers this past offseason. Zach Wilson has the insane arm talent and great mobility. A contrast to the pocket passer Darnold was. The Jets have a lot of rebuilding however to become challengers.

Pick 3: San Francisco 49ers-Trey Lance (North Dakota State)
The Niners are very much not like the Jags and Jets, for they are already extremely talented. They were just in the Super Bowl two years ago with a narrow loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Last season fell apart due to injuries and they ended the season 6-10. Then they traded 3 first-round picks to the Dolphins to move up to the third pic. Their QB Jimmy Garropolo has been seen as mediocre as best and has constant injury concerns. So it makes sense for them to make the big investment to get a new QB to help them get over the edge to become potential Super Bowl Champs. Trey Lance already becomes one of the most mobile QBs in the NFL, and his great record of keeping the ball safe and not throwing picks in college and his great understanding of the game makes him an exciting prospect. And puts the 49ers to Super Bowl contender status once he fully adapts to the NFL.

Pick 11: Chicago Bears- Justin Fields (Ohio State)
A pattern is starting to form with all of these teams where they have had talented rosters, but never a true franchise quarterback. And it could be said that the Chicago Bears have never had a franchise QB in the Super Bowl Era. Known in the past and even now for their stellar defense, after starting off to a blistering 5-0 start last season the team fell off as the season progressed. Switching between QB’s Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles, the Bears did sneak into the playoffs but didn’t do anything as they were routed by the Saints 21-9. With Trubisky leaving to free agency, the Bears decided to trade up with the Giants in this draft to pick Ohio State QB Justin Fields. Fields is a prototype modern QB. Big, fast, strong arm and has tested as one of the smartest QBs in the modern draft era. Fields were slated to go the #2 picks for most of last year but dropped off for reasons not clear. Some NFL teams were wary about Fields, but not the Bears as they hope they finally picked a good one this time.

Pick 15: New England Patriots-Mac Jones (Alabama)
The New England Patriots are not like the rest of the teams on this list. Undoubtedly the most dominant team in the past two decades with six super bowl rings with the legendary quarterback Tom Brady. But when Brady left for Tampa Bay, unsurprisingly the Patriots struggled. Last year they had QB Cam Newton who still struggled due to his past injuries. He signed back for another year but is clearly not the long-term option. So the Patriots took their hopeful Brady heir apparent in Alabama QB Mac Jones. Mac Jones is a pure pocket passer unlike the other QB’s in the class. Many think that style is a dying art form, but Brady at age 43 is still getting it done. With arguably the greatest coach of all-time with Bill Biliechek, Mac Jones fell into a situation where any rookie quarterback would love.