CSU and UC requiring COVID Vaccines


Parker Gibbons

Vaccines will be needed for any student wishing to step foot back on campus.

Currently, universities are preparing for in-person courses for the fall and in order to decrease cases on campus, CSU and UC are requiring students to get their covid vaccines.

As of now, it’s been indicated that thousands of students will be returning back to school this upcoming fall. All of these students need to be fully vaccinated. To show proof of the vaccine, students are required to update their immunization records.

The president of the University of California, Dr. Michael Drake said in The California State University (CSU) article, “receiving a vaccine for the virus that causes COVID-19 is a key step people can take to protect themselves, their friends and family, and our campus communities while helping bring the pandemic to an end.”

This decision will ensure that more can return to their in-person experience as college students and possibly slow down COVID cases. However, not much can be said about decreasing cases just yet but it’s a start.