Opinion:Unpopular One, Cancel Culture

My generation is the generation that created cancel culture, and what I’ve noticed about this new form of justice is it fails to understand people are not the person they were ten years ago.

Celebrities, your favorite influencer from Tik Tok or Instagram, and YouTubers, typically anyone famous with a platform, are not the same person they were ten to twenty years ago. Let’s imagine a famous idol made a racist joke when they were twelve on Twitter. Fifteen years have passed from the date that tweet was posted.

Are we going to ignore their growth and them realizing wrong and right, or are we going to cancel them because we don’t believe someone can change in 15 years? The sad truth is many influencers lose their careers because they said something when they were young and dumb.

My generation doesn’t accept growth and change. The ones who do are shadowed by the ones who don’t. They also love picking and choosing.

Recently, a creator on a famous platform (won’t mention their name for legal purposes) was outed as a predator. They still get millions of views on their videos and money from their fans.

Meanwhile, a girl (won’t mention names for legal purposes) said a joke when she was young and dumb and easily influenced, lost her whole career, any chance at a job in the future, constant bullying on social media, and her dream college.

How does that make any sense?

Cancel culture was amazing when it first was a thing. I loved it when we held racists, homophobes, transphobes, xenophobes, islamophobes accountable, and people couldn’t get away with ignorance anymore. But then it twisted and turned into what it is today.

A disappointment.