Why the European Super League failed in only 48 hours


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Thanks to the cancellation of the Super League, international competitions can continue on like normal

The European Super League was established on Sunday, April 18th, and was designed to be the pinnacle of soccer competition in the world. 12 of the most popular European teams signed up and it was set to begin as early as August this year. At a surface level, this seems like a great idea, but this tournament alone would potentially ruin the fabric of all European Soccer, and the fans knew this.

The teams who set up the tournament got immense backlash and in only 48 hours, 10 teams backed out due to pressure from the fans, and the league has been suspended. But why were all soccer fans so against it?
Soccer all the way going back to its creation, has gladly been the “working man’s game.” All the biggest clubs now such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, Inter Milan, etc. were made by working-class people around the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

They have since grown to become worth billions of dollars due to their success stemming from on the field. In Europe, soccer works very differently than pro sports do in the US. In Europe, there is a pyramid system, with multiple tiers of soccer, stemming from the top leagues to amateur leagues. At the end of every season, the bottom three teams in each tier are kicked out and placed a tier below, while the top 3 teams get promoted to the tier above.

One way to look at this is like how baseball has the Major Leagues and the Minor leagues. Now pretend those teams in the minor leagues were not affiliated with the major league teams. For example, The Arizona Diamondbacks are in the MLB, the tier below is the Reno Aces in AAA, below is the Amarillo Sod Poodles in AA, and then the Visalia Rawhide in A. In baseball, all those teams are connected, but if this was based around the European Soccer system, they would all be their stand-alone teams.

The worst 4 teams from the MLB get kicked out to AAA, with the top 4 teams in AAA replacing those teams in the MLB. So in theory, if the Visalia Rawhide was good enough, it could eventually gain promotion to AA, then AAA, then maybe even the MLB.

This hope for small-town teams to make it to the big time is what drives European soccer, and stories like this happen all the time. The city of Eibar in Spain has a population of only 27,000 and is in the top league of Spain playing the likes of Messi and Barcelona, and Real Madrid twice a year. The Super League would take the aspirations of teams away from ever getting to the top level of competition.

This is because the league would have no relegation, (the kicking out of the bottom teams) the teams would be able to stay in the competition, just because they are amongst the richest in the world.

Another big roadblock was that the Super League would not allow players to play for their national teams, including the World Cup, so if the Super League was going on while the World Cup was going on, many nations including the USA wouldn’t be able to use their best players.

The Super League would’ve gone against everything that Soccer is about, it’s disbanding in almost 48 hours, shows that soccer will always be, The people game.