Thunder Force Netflix Movie Review

A superhero film with some comedy mixed in is always a great and entertaining combination.

Thunder Force was released on April 9 and is available to watch on Netflix. This film stars Melissa McCarthy as Lydia, Octavia Spencer as Emily Stanton, Jason Bateman as The Crab, and Bobby Cannavale as The King. Any film that stars Melissa McCarthy will keep you laughing. The other actors in this film have been present in many other great films.

The story follows two women, Lydia and Emily who were childhood friends. Later in their lives, they become superheroes and save their city from The King, Laser, and The Crab. A formula was created by Emily that gave them their superpowers along with their name “Thunder Force.”

The main setting this film takes place in is Emily Stanton’s building, and this played a big part in the storyline because this is where the characters train. They were required to train for over 30 days in order to enhance their powers.

The costumes are what really defined this film. The scene where they first show off their costumes is memorable. Throughout the film, the characters make comedic comments about the costumes smelling bad, and this just makes the film even funnier than it already is.

This movie is rated PG-13, and has 4.4/10 stars according to Along with the comedy genre, this film is also considered action and adventure.

Thunder Force is currently on the top ten list on Netflix.