The Chauvin Verdict


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The Verdict is In. Guilty!

The tragic loss of life that occurred on May 25th of 2020 sent shockwaves throughout the country with riots erupting in many cities and protests planned almost everywhere. The man who was alleged to have killed him, Derek Chauvin, was the center of one of the most infamous trials of our time and on March 20th, almost 11 months since the incident took place, the decision was made that Derek Chauvin was guilty as charged with the three crimes he was convicted of; 2nd-degree unintentional murder, 3rd-degree murder, and 2nd-degree manslaughter.

The reaction to the news of Chauvin’s guilt was the hot topic for discussion among Americans on Tuesday and will likely continue to be heading all the way into the weekend. Most reaction to the news of the guilty verdict was positive with organizations like the NBA and NFL tweeting praise and President Biden and Vice President Harris and former President Obama calling the family of George Floyd and tweeting appreciation that Floyd’s family could finally find some semblance of closure after the verdict was read. There was even a camera inside the Floyd home that recorded their reactions to the verdict and as one can expect, they were very thrilled.

Some reactions were well-meaning but slightly boneheaded like Nancy Pelosi thanking George for his “sacrifice” for justice and the Las Vegas Raiders tweeting a photo saying ‘I CAN BREATHE’ on their official Twitter account which as of 8 hours after the verdict was read, is still on their Twitter feed despite the highly negative reaction.
There will certainly be more breaking news coming out of the guilty conviction of Chauvin coming throughout the week and by no means is this the end of the story still being written that will forever impact American history.