Meet Jasmine Hanson, Student Senate President


Photo provided by Jasmine Hanson

Student Senate President Jasmine Hanson.

Student Senate President Jasmine Roxxane Hanson wants to ensure every student at COS has a fair chance at obtaining an education despite the impact of Covid-19.

Hanson’s goals for the student senate during this spring semester were to make sure students do not feel neglected by instructors, know the information on resources provided, have improved connections in their classes and with professors, and have student issues be heard and addressed. She concluded that these issues have been reported to the appropriate authority by officers in the student senate. She says that even though everything is not completely perfect, the student senate, COS faculty, and staff, COS committees are working together to deal with issues that are brought to their attention.

Dealing with online classes, in the beginning, was a lot to deal with, she says because home and college to her are separate things. “When I am home, I don’t like to do anything but relax and spend time with my fur children and wife. I liked to study on campus and do homework there because it was easier to concentrate,” Hanson states.

Hanson is a Sociology major and has attended Fresno State, Porterville College, and plans to transfer back to Fresno State. She notes that community college has helped her save during the pandemic. A year into online learning she has settled into a schedule for every day of the week. She credits her professors for having great communication skills compared to the start of virtual learning.

Hanson encourages COS students to check their emails regularly for Student Senate activity. Nancy Yanes from Student Activities and Affairs sends daily emails to update students. COS social media also has daily info on events and the Student Senate hosts Social Hours twice a month to create contact.