The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Review 2

Last week’s episode started out strong and remained strong, and this week’s episode is no different.

The action is still impressive and does not fail to entertain. There is only one action scene so far in each episode, but that is no way a negative of the show. Where it truly shines is in its characters, interactions with said characters, and that it keeps you guessing as to where the plot is moving.

This season showed Sam and Bucky interacting with each other and every minute is a blast. They have great chemistry and are hilarious with their banter. It’s really no surprise seeing Marvel Studios always excels in the banter department. That only goes so far in establishing a good relationship, but luckily, they do get deeper moments that sets the foundation for future episodes.

As for the plot, it’s still hard to tell where it is going. We don’t know much about the villain or what they plan to do. It’s a slow burn plot wise and that is a positive for it. The writers are giving just enough development to matter, but not so much that the show becomes predictable.

Overall, another great episode and worth tuning in each week.