What Are Your Plans For Spring Break?


Photos Provided by Carmen Hernandez (left), Sabrina Dunn (top right), and Aliza Barrett (bottom right).

What are your plans for spring break?

“This spring break I plan on catching up on any homework I have and also doing some spring cleaning I have left. Being able to start fresh and new after spring break makes it for an easier transition back into school once spring break is over. My dog recently passed so I plan on doing something small to celebrate his life one more time with my family. Spring break will definitely be filled with many emotions but excited nonetheless for what is to come!”
Carmen Hernandez, 20, Liberal Studies.

“I am planning on being in Monterey for spring break because that is where my parents live. I’ll most likely spend my time by the beach with my dog! I also have school work I’ll have to do. I plan on enjoying my time!”
Sabrina Dunn, 23, Communications Major.

“I plan to go cycling with my husband in the national parks, mountain biking in three rivers and hang out with my dogs!”
Aliza Barrett, 29, Communication Major AA-T.