The Thank You Gift

A poem by Professor David Jones – Mathematics

Photo provided by David Jones

Photo provided by David Jones

Candlelight dimness cloaked the classroom, curtains concealing
the winter afternoon sun along the western wall of windows,
while the projector illuminates enlarged equations.

“Merry Christmas, El Jefe!”, her smile shining through,
Upfront she sat, gift held aloft, sharing her work with me.
She thought this was her third and last math course with me.

To her aisle I strode where she stood for a big ‘thank you’ hug.
We embraced, her soft shoulder-length tan tresses touching my cheeks.

Instinctively, hungrily, I inhaled.

For split seconds,
my senses succumb
Besieged by blissful bonbon bouquet,
Everything evaporating into velvety cacao.

As the collective audience gasped,
alone she chuckled,
a familiar experience.
Not for me.
Realization dawning,
my cheeks flushed crimson.

Anxiously, I blurted,
“Come smell!
She works at See’s!
She’s pure chocolate!
This isn’t creepy, You’ll see!”

She nodded in agreement, easing my tension.
Laughter shattered the silence, removing the rose from my cheeks.
One more sniff! I returned to my podium, savoring milk chocolate Bordeaux.