Masks Work For COVID, But Not The Air Quality


Diego Castro, Podcast Editor

Along with the ashes of the fires, poor air quality rains down.

Fires began in northern and southern California earlier this month, causing ash to spread throughout the state and effect the air quality negatively.

The poor air quality will affect people’s lives, especially those who are at risk. This can cause severe problems with breathing and can affect even the healthiest of people.

This air quality can make everyone’s respiratory system weaker with all the ash in the air. This issue causes an increased chance of getting COVID-19 by diminishing lung function.

It is recommended to not go outside for long periods of time to avoid exposure and make sure to check your air filters at home, don’t bring any flowers inside, and invest in an air purifier if needed to avoid inhaling any of the particles of smoke in the air. “It is equivalent of smoking a whole pack of cigarettes each hour,” says Richard A. Muller, physicist.

Air pollution can trigger asthma attacks, aggravate chronic bronchitis, and increase the risk of heart attack and stroke. If you smell smoke or see falling ash in your immediate vicinity, consider air quality “unhealthy.”

For those who wear masks, be aware that masks will not protect you from the smoke in the air, the particles can easily go through the mask and put you at risk. For more information go to the website and pleases stay safe.

Use the following link to check the air quality in your area: