Animals Have Feelings And Souls

Growing up, most people have experienced having some kind of animal around. Even if someone never had a pet, there are plenty of strays in need of food, medical attention, or love.


“Your life is as good as your mindset”

Ayris Zamudio, Reporter

Similar to people, animals have feelings, needs and wants. Because of this, I currently have 6 inside cats, 2 outdoor cats, and 1 bird. I try to help any animal in need and unfortunately, I have too big of a heart to see them struggle.

Cats have many personalities and look fragile, but they are also independent. All animals at some point beg for attention because like humans, they like to be loved. They also get upset, frustrated, and depressed, I have seen many of these behaviors in all of the animals I have grown up with.

One of my close relatives became depressed when I was younger. Sadly, their dog Ginger had connected to them and their feelings, so when they stopped eating, so did Ginger. Unfortunately, the dog did not make it because as she watched her master deteriorate so did she. It is easy to see when an animal is in pain or happy. Animals also get lonely like when you leave them alone in a car and they bark wildly because they feel abandoned.

A lot of people treat their animals like their own children, and all animals have different personalities. I truly do believe animals have feelings and souls.