Rotaract Boxes Meals for Foreign Countries


COS Rotaract Club

Inocencio Salazar, Photographer

On March 30th, The Porter Field House was filled with 120 smiling faces and hard-working people.

The COS Rotaract Club and Rotary Club of Visalia were joined by students and community volunteers to package and send box meals to foreign countries suffering from starvation. 20,000 meals were packed, surpassing the goal of 15,000.

Food for the event was purchased by grants from the Rotary Club and provided by Rise Against Hunger, a non-profit international hunger relief organization that works with other groups to distribute food and necessities to the world’s most vulnerable.   

“This was a fun and energetic event that helped provide food for thousands of starving people around the world.” Paul Hurley, president elect of the Rotary Club of Visalia, said, “We all had a lot of fun working together, and it was a very diverse group. The COS Rotaract Club deserves a lot of credit for organizing this event.”