COS Visited By Nursing Programs


Markis Turner

Markis Turner, Copy Editor

The first step to becoming a nurse is a good program.

Yesterday six schools came to the Hospital Rock building to show nursing students what they have to offer. Students lined up and packed the small room in hopes of furthering their education and achieve their dream.

CSU Fresno, CSU Bakersfield, CSU Stanislaus, Fresno Pacific University, Grand Canyon University, and University of Phoenix all came to COS to help nurses steer themselves on the right path. COS works closely with these schools to make sure that students hoping to go into nursing can transfer to these programs smoothly.

The representatives of the universities felt that their mission was to make sure COS students get into their programs quickly and prepared.

Grand Canyon University offers students a multitude of courses, entirely online, allowing students to work from the comforts of  home.

The University of Phoenix offers a summer program, allowing students to get a head start on their path to becoming a nurse, along with a block transfer program, allowing progress made towards a degree at COS is accounted within their system.

CSU Stanislaus is offering a chance to start again, allowing students who don’t have a bachelor’s degree in nursing to enroll in their program.

Fresno Pacific makes sure that a student’s general education requirements are met,  if they’re not doing well in a particular class, they allow them to retake class at their school.

CSU Bakersfield claims to have top-notch counselors that makes sure a student’s classes are met.

Fresno State makes sure students don’t waste their time with classes they don’t need. Concerning the reports that they had lost their accreditation, the Fresno State representative said their problem was related to mental health certification and not the regular nursing program.