California’s New Online Community College

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California’s New Online Community College

Alexis Perez, Reporter

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California intends to get rid of some of the challenges with a new online community college called the California Online College. The college is designed to help those that can’t afford or haven’t received a college education.

This college focuses on people ranging from 25 to 34 that haven’t gotten a formal education. Former Governor Jerry Brown says it will help fuel the state’s economy.

California has the fifth highest economy and a constant need for skilled labor. California Online College aims to help people learn the necessary skills to find better jobs.

The college’s first few programs will teach medical coding, information technology, and preparation for supervisor roles in government and retail. Those fields have a shortage of workers and they don’t require a degree to work.

Consumer News and Business Channel released an article in 2014 where Torrey Barnhouse, the President of TrustHCS, said, “Right now, there is a dramatic shortage of skilled workers in the market so we have an opportunity to help our clients.”

The shortage of workers is caused by a new federal standard in coding.

Tuition is $46 per unit, same as brick and mortar California Community Colleges. The first semester will begin in Fall of 2019.