Parking Violations On Lot #7 Causing Safety Concerns


Louie Vale

Day Parking can cost $2, semester parking is $25, however a single parking ticket can cost over $35.

Louie Vale, Photographer

(Visalia, Calif.) — COS students, staff and faculty are worried that Parking Lot #7 is creating a safety hazard for drivers entering not just the right way but, the wrong way.

For students and staff, drivers who violate one-way roads can face a fine of $250 under the California Legislation Information Vehicle Code (VEC-38300).

It is unlawful for a driver of any vehicle to disobey any street sign, signal, or traffic control device that is either placed or maintaining pursuant to Article 1 –Traffic Signs, Signals, and Markings. Making it very hazardous for innocent drivers involved in an  accident.

COS Chief of Police Kevin Mizner said that over the past 6 to 8 months, the district police have received several complaints from their department for drivers using the “DO NOT ENTER” exits from Shady and Woodland Avenues.

Drivers who are attempting to enter the parking lot,” Mizner said,”from either Woodland or Meadow can come head-to-head with drivers who are attempting to exit the wrong way.  This is always an unsafe situation as one of the vehicles must yield, which is difficult in single lane driveways.”

Last year, about 27 tickets were issued to drivers violating Lot#7 as citations were on the rise. On average, about 4 tickets were issued within the 2 month period with no accidents.

It has been an issue over the years, Mizner said.” Over the past months, we have received increasing complaints from folks about both the one-way violations and people running the stop signs at Meadow and Shady (east side of Lot 7). We’re trying to get it under control as best as we could. There will be some patrolling, I’ve asked my officers to be on the lookout for anyone who unlawfully violates the signs and to those entering the wrong way.”

Those who get a traffic ticket can go to the district police to pay fines or call (559) 730-3999 for questions regarding traffic ticket violations.