Captain Marvel: A Student’s Perspective


Briauna Guerrerro, Reporter

Marvel’s new movie offers a new take on a character that has been made multiple times over multiple eras. With a killer soundtrack, beautiful scenery, amazing action sequences, and great character direction, Captain Marvel stuns.

While slow to start, the second half picked up the movie tempo and it’s where most of the magic is. Marvel hasn’t done an origin story in a while and with it being the first female Marvel superhero movie makes it an even greater movie.

Brie Larson does a fantastic job bringing Captain Marvel to life as she brings sass and humor to what could have been a very dull character. Captain Marvel may be overpowered when it comes to super powered people, but Larson manages to bring life to the character unlike ever before.

Captain Marvel is supercharged with electricity and energetic power that she can emit anywhere at anytime. Beams of light shoot from her legs and arms that give her beautiful and breathtaking moments throughout the movie. Her mostly human nature and emotions prevents her from being another generic, stoic, boring hero.

Where things could have gone wrong, they go right. The continuous sass and expansive emotions that Brie Larson brings to the character makes superhero movie magic. Instead of her whole personality being her powers, she actually has full emotions and malleability of the character. Brie Larson became Captain Marvel on screen and it was impossible to look away from the beauty of it.

Samuel L. Jackson and Brie Larson’s partnership on screen is unmatched and it’s one of the biggest highlights of the movie. Their chemistry shines as the super powered alien Captain Marvel and the super spy Nick Fury figure each other out. The partnership seems unlikely, but it works wonderfully especially when Goose the cat is with them. Watch the movie, you’ll get it.

The soundtrack added to the magic of the movie. It managed to stay in theme with the 90s era and allowed for humor. The soundtrack was filled with classic compositions of Marvel sound along with nostalgic 90s music that sprinkled its way along the movie time.

Since Captain Marvel is also set in an alien world, the beautiful scenery was a great factor to the movie. The homeworld of the Kree is beautifully made with deep blues and greens slithering across the screen, giving them a solemn yet thriving galaxy homeworld. It provides depth to characters from this world. The audience is taken back to an ancient Earth of Blockbusters and payphones. The rest of the movie is filled with expansive desert scenes, lush country scenery, and clear atmospheric battle scenes.

The action sequences really picked up around the second half, making up for the first half’s lack of choreography. Captain Marvel’s powers in full force was a sight to behold and had a beauty to the power as well. Having her in a full suit looking like the warrior she is made it much more empowering.The audience is left feeling awe, intaking all of her glory. Being able to see a fully clothed women in beautiful armor is something that has been needed for a long time. It doesn’t hypersexualize her in any way and makes her feel more real and powerful.

The way Marvel has been working lately is wonderful. Thor: Ragnarok was fun and uplifting. Black Panther had a fun atmosphere but had a serious undertone. Then the biggest one, Infinity War was released with an extremely depressing and solemn tone. Captain Marvel, as well as Ant Man and The Wasp, were welcome surprises of laughter and good times.

It reminds people that Marvel will never forget where they started off and how much they have evolved since then. They have managed to successfully interchange between depressing and joyous emotional tones that allow anyone to relate to their superhero characters. Captain Marvel is a great addition to the expansive and wonderful roster that Marvel has brought to life.