How Do You Feel About Women in Superhero Movies?


Micayla Vargas

“It’s normal and they should be in movies. They should be treated equally as men and have the chance to be the main character. It's cool.” Emmanuel Garcia, Biology, 19

Micayla Vargas, Reporter

Micayla Vargas
“I like that they add women, but I don’t like how they sexualize them. They give them skimpy outfits that don’t protect them, and they need at least one character to make them seem like they don’t hate men.”
Merced Lemus, Pre-Law, 19


Micayla Vargas
“Women should be represented. After all, they are half the population and are interested in movies also.”
Kat Keely, Science, 34


Micayla Vargas
“I don’t know. They add to much cliche and they’re not unique. They cater to a certain audience and try to show feminism. That is not unique to their character.”
Erik Mariscal, Art, 20


Micayla Vargas
“There should be more. Artists should create for their audience.”
Ramon Ayon, Undeclared, 18