Should California’s Blood Alcohol Content Be Lowered?


“I believe that the BAC should stay the same because right now it seems to be working.”Gloria Glick, 21, Psychology

Inocencio Salazar, Photographer

“If the BAC was to be lowered it would be good. It would ensure more safety in the streets and create incentives for people to drink less.”
Mida Portillo, 19, Political Science
“It would create less drunk drivers and would cause people to take more precaution.”
Michael Steward, 28, Culinary
“If the BAC was to be lowered, it would make roads a lot safer.”
Olivia Peck, 24, Nursing
“If the BAC was lowered to .05 it makes it safer for everyone and promotes safer driving.”
Jocelyne Ledezma, 20, Art